Confessions of an online media specialist

Here’s the thing about Twitter: I don’t get it. I mean, I understand it – retweets and @Mentions and hashtags and Twitter parties and such. But it just doesn’t seem to work for me (nor with the demographic of my organization, but that’s another issue entirely). That’s great that it’s helping foment revolution across the Middle East, but I’d rather not use it. And this is not because I’m “old school” – I love Facebook, Tumblr (which shares similarities with Twitter) and LinkedIn. Just not Twitter.

I don’t know if it’s the delivery format of information (the Timeline) or the utter worthlessness of some users’ posts or the flood of updates or the fact that most of the people I’d care to keep up with aren’t on Twitter. And that last one may be significant: Twitter interactions with people who I don’t know in person offer me little to no sense of satisfaction, even if such communiqués may be helping me professionally. But the odd thing is that those same kinds of interactions on Facebook do feel rewarding. I’ve had a couple exchanges with Elena Verlee from PR in Your Pajamas and Amy Porterfield from Social Media Examiner, and those were quite informative and enjoyable.

So, there it is. I don’t like Twitter. It may just be because I think the verb “tweet” sounds utterly ridiculous unless you’re referring to what a bird does.

Is anybody else with me on this? Does anyone want to try and convince me otherwise?

[Addendum: I guess I sort of ended up convincing myself.]


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