Creating content that matters

I’m not much one for clichés, but all the recent discussion on how companies can generate content to drive people to their websites and social media is, as they say, putting the cart before the horse. Shouldn’t one have information or opinions he wants to share and therefore use the medium of the web to do so rather than try to create content just to fill up that medium? This new backwards approach to inbound marketing, I’m afraid, is not only clogging up the internet with useless information but is also cluttering our brains with content that has been generated to the end of selling crap.

That’s one area where I know both the nonprofit I work for and the company I’m launching with a friend excel. The reason we have websites and blogs and social media is because we have lots of content that helps people, and we need ways to distribute it. Is inbound marketing an added benefit of that? Yes. But that’s not the motive behind our efforts.

The fact that the sum of my efforts might make someone’s day better – or, on the rare occasion, even change someone’s life – makes me feel very good about what I do. And I like that I can laugh at the problems greedy corporations face in their effort to find something to say that’s worth saying.


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