iPut it down rather quickly

So part of my job today was to familiarize myself with our iPad because I’ll probably be using it at a big event we have coming up soon. After my initial “wow this is cool to have such a large touch screen,” my interest quickly waned. As I expected, within 10 minutes, there was something I wanted to do on it that would be twice as fast and much easier to do on my computer. And, as I expected, I put down the iPad and moved to my computer.

I recently got an iPhone, and I love it. I really like what all I can do on it that I used to have to do on a computer, and I really love all the incredible (actual) functionality of it. The point I’m trying to make is, if I don’t want to be on my MacBook, I want to be on my iPhone. But I don’t really envision any scenario where I’d opt for the iPad.


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