Social media savvy cracker

I’ve always loved the taste of Triscuits, now I love their ethos. This is one of the coolest marketing/brand reputation-building ideas I’ve seen recently. The box includes a “seed card” and instructions on how to use it to grow your own basil.


They call it “home farming” with the tagline “Plant a Seed Grow a Movement.” I’m the kind of guy who has never successfully grown anything (except for an ivy plant I had once that grew like crazy, but because I watered it too much, the dirt birthed more than 20 flies – and yes, it was disgusting). BUT, I might give this a go. And they’ve even got a way I can “join the home farming movement” by going to a Facebook page for…oh, wait…the Facebook page for Triscuit.

So, nice work getting me to the Facebook page for a cracker. I’ve often wondered why some products, like crackers or toilet bowl cleaner or toothpaste need Facebook pages to begin with. Nonetheless, Triscuit does have a nice FBML page on there with helpful home farming resources for planning a garden, tracking and sharing it with others, etc. Despite all that effort on their part, their lack of a nice looking and persuasive landing page didn’t convince me to click the “Like” button. But hey, their creativity succeeded in getting me to write a blog post and tweet about it, so maybe this campaign is working pretty well after all.

And, p.s. the title of this post is actually about Triscuits, not about me, though that description applies to both.


One thought on “Social media savvy cracker

  1. Triscuit folks were giving away these little pots in Union Square last month. The pots were made of rice hulls, which is pretty cool, and they came with a little disc of dehydrated soil and a packet of chive seeds. Super cool idea, but the soil disc didn’t expand to be enough soil, and the chives are scrawny and lame. BUT GOOD ON YOU, TRISCUIT!

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