Dating FAIL

So I feel guilty that I’ve not blogged since the first of this month. I guess I’ve not run across anything groundbreaking that I wanted to write about (either that or I’ve found a co-worker to tell about it and got it out of my system before I had the chance to write a blog post). So instead of coming up with something profound, I thought I’d share a couple amusing videos.

This first video went viral recently…a girl making a video for her eHarmony profile (fake, most likely, but hilarious none the less). The second, which I find even more entertaining, is what I guess is the male equivalent to her video dating fail. She cries, he gets pissed and loses it.

As a currently single person who still has to endure the ever-present possibility of ending up on a date with a borderline psycho, these videos might actually be more funny to me than to you more fortunate folks who are at least past the first few dates in a relationship.


2 thoughts on “Dating FAIL

  1. I’ve dated my fair share of crazy people. Its always a great story after the initial trauma.

    1. As a person who’s tried internet dating, I too have had some horrible experiences that are now pretty funny stories…well, painfully funny at least.

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