Taking a break

Do you ever feel like you’re running out of time, but you don’t know what for? I’m sort of in a position with a few things in my life where I’m having to wait…and be patient. Things both professional and personal. I’m such a mover and shaker that being patient can be hard. In the specific situations I’m thinking of, I’ve done the work, I’ve made the right connections, and now I’m just waiting to hear back. And that is an odd state of limbo to be in, where I can’t even really execute (or even start to make) alternative plans since doing so would be counterproductive at this point.

Driving home from band practice tonight, I realized that I like to stay busy so much that I can push myself to the breaking point. As we were rehearsing, my fingers weren’t going to the right frets on my bass guitar, and I just felt off. Afterwards I realized that I have been going nonstop for about six months straight. Working, writing, editing, networking, socializing, rehearsing music, playing shows, socializing, exercising, socializing. Today around 5pm the go go go lifestyle hit me like a prizefighter’s punch. So—to keep with that metaphor—I’m gonna go down for the count…but voluntarily. I have a short vacation that starts tomorrow at 5pm, so I’m gonna go away for a bit.

And as hard as it is, that means a break from social media. This is the first real break I’ve attempted to take since diving into my new career, and it’s gonna be as hard for me not to check my Facebook, blog, email, Twitter or Tumblr from my iPhone as it is for a crack addict not to take a hit from a pipe being handed to him. I’m driving up into the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado, so let’s hope that their majesty can steal my heart away from wanting to tweet about how beautiful it all is…at least until I get back on Monday.


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