One too many social networks

I only get around to checking my Google+ account about once a day, and I feel like I’m neglecting it. I’m already probably spending too much time trying to stay relevant and engaged on Facebook (personal, business and band page), Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress and Tumblr.

I’ll be honest here. I’m a person who reads voraciously and likes to share what I find. I’m a person who loves to write (even if limited to 140 characters). And I’m a person who usually has plenty of things to say on lots of topics, from social media to Mediterranean food. Despite all those characteristics plus my extreme extrovertism, I don’t have enough to say or share to fill up all my media streams. Well, I should say I choose not to fill them all up. Sure I could share every technology or current events article I read, but I doubt that everyone always wants to be hearing from me. (Even I don’t want to always be hearing from me.)

So it may actually be somewhat ironic that I’m writing a blog post about how I don’t have anything to say, but at least I can go post a link to this post on all aforementioned social networks.

But what I’m really getting at here is this: Where do we draw the line? When should we stop promoting the work that we’re doing and actually go do more of that work? It seems to be getting to the point where everyone is spending more time promoting their stuff than they are creating the stuff they are promoting. I can’t tell you how many articles I run across via Twitter where the tweet promoting it is more interesting and contains more information than the article itself. Remember people, horse first, then the cart.

Where do you post the most? And how do you decide what to put where?


4 thoughts on “One too many social networks

  1. i blog post for real thoughts, add things to FB that i think are interesting. i wish i used g+ more (and everyone else did, too), so i can quit fb completely. i’m starting to get creeped out by how much fb things the rest of the world needs to know about me (and particularly creeped out by how they don’t inform me of what they’re planning to share with the world before they do it!)

    you’ve heard me rant on this before… via g+. 🙂

    1. Yeah, it’s slightly bothersome how Facebook tells everyone if I comment on a friend’s photo or something of the sort. Why do they need to know that?

  2. As Kandyce said, G+ would totally replace Fb for me, if all my Fb friends were on G+.

    But these days, all the social media bigwigs are using G+ more than Tw or Fb – so I spend a lot of time at G+.


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