Why I play music

Someone asked me today why I play in two bands. While I’ve written about why I play in a band before, my answer was a little different this time. First of all, playing music moves my soul like nothing else I’ve found in this life. I could write about that for days, but let’s just move onto the next point.

Second, creating music with people is intimate in it’s own way. Writing music with friends then playing it in front of a crowd is the closest thing I’ve found to the sense of team camaraderie I experienced playing football and basketball in high school. If you’re in a band with folks long enough, it even starts to feel like a family – in both the good and bad ways. But better in the fact that you aren’t forced to spend Christmas with them.

Third—and I’ll be honest here—oftentimes shows just turn into an awesome parties with fun (and attractive) people. And, yes, though both of those photos are of mostly girls, my bands do usually have guys at our shows too.

Playing in two bands does take a lot of work and significant time commitments. But I guess the simple answer to why I do it is that I get twice the music, twice the friendships and twice the fun. What else can a guy ask for?

If you wanna check out the music we make:



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