Knowing How It Works

Tonight when I got home, the door to my building didn’t open after I scanned my remote key across the keypad. It beeped and I heard it unlock, but the door didn’t open when I pulled. It’s done this plenty of times before, and since I’ve lived here so long, I’ve figured out the trick: pressing my thumb on the main part of the door handle then pushing in and gently pulling back on it. It sounds complicated because it sorta is.

For a long time, when this would happen, I’d get really frustrated and even a bit angry when the door wouldn’t open after multiple tries, and I’d end up pulling really hard on it to no avail. Eventually, I’d curse it under my breath and walk around to the other entrance to the building.

Getting in the door just takes knowing how it works.

I’m starting to see that this is the case with a lot of things. It just takes a little time and patience to observe and figure things out. And getting frustrated and flying off the handle (pun only slightly intended) isn’t going to help. So, for now, I’ll keep watching. I’ll be patient. And once I know how it all works, I’ll open that door and walk right in.


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