A Song to Sing

I know so many kids who sing songs. Not established songs but just ones they make up as they’re going about their day. They are silly and cute songs. They get sung once in a carefree moment of expression. The kids aren’t worried about writing them down, remembering the “lyrics” or about ever singing the same song again, for that matter.

And I wonder – why, as adults, do we stop singing? I mainly mean that as a rhetorical question because I know all the answers: We’re self-conscious. We’re “mature.” We think we have more important things to do. But I think the actuality is that we’ve forgotten how to really live. A child lives in the moment, is carefree even with a troubled world around her. And she feels free to express herself. A child has a song to sing. Just because you’re an important grown-up, please don’t forget that you do too.


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