I’ve seen a couple of buzz-creation attempts lately, both of which seem quite effective, though one somewhat disappointing.

The first was the super short teaser entitled “Coming Soon.” When it was first up, it had no further description like it does now.

That got me really excited. Of course, what I thought is what most people thought…that there was a sequel in the makes. But when I saw the newly-released longer version, I was disappointed. Not disappointed because the ad is bad but because it is just an ad, and for the Honda CRV, nonetheless, which is not exciting at all.

But in the wake of that bummer (or maybe not so much of a bummer since that’s a movie that is too good for a sequel), I ran across this viral marketing idea for the upcoming movie Chronicle. The movie probably isn’t one I’ll go see in the theater, but this marketing stunt is pretty sweet. In the movie, the main characters develop the ability to fly. So, the team at Thinkmodo decided to create some flying human sightings in New York and New Jersey by constructing custom made (human shaped) remote control aircraft.


2 thoughts on “Buzz

  1. Wow. The Honda commercial doesn’t make me want a Honda at all. It just really makes me realize how awesome a sequel–Ferris Beuller’s Day Off Work–would be. So timely and amazing! I love the Thinkmodo thing. Now I want to work for Thinkmodo. Or maybe have them work for me.

    1. Yeah, the longer version just made me realize how it’s not really that fun or as big of a deal getting out of work as it was getting out of school. I can’t believe they didn’t get either Cameron or Sloane to make a cameo. Mmm…Sloane – I mean, what?

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