Digital Digest: Who owns your social media, video trends and not telling chatbots your secrets

Con/Text Digital Digest: It’s like Reader’s Digest, except shorter, more cutting edge, significantly hipper…and, you won’t find it in your grandmother’s bathroom.

Do you really own your brand’s social media channels?


Technically, those of us in communications do consider social media as “owned” media properties. But that’s somewhat of a misnomer. If you’re publishing content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or a blogging platform like Medium – you’re building on rented land. Is that necessarily a bad thing? I would say no – because that rented land has a waaay better location for foot traffic than the land you actually own (i.e. your email list and website). Nonetheless, it’s good to keep in mind that when you’re on that rented land, the landlord can jack up the rent or just decide to kick you off it at any time – and this article gets to that point.

Are customers watching brands’ video content? If so, probably not on live TV
YouTubeReachCheck out more surprising stats about video consumption habits in this article.

The rise of the chatbots


“Chatbots get better with time and information. The more info you feed them, the better they become at mimicking natural language and making you believe they are real. Human even.”

That’s scary enough, but we also need to think about the threats chatbots could pose in terms of our online privacy and security. Read more on that.

The disease of being busy

I know I’m guilty of it – taking too much on at work, over-committing to outside projects, hobbies, social events, volunteer work. We all seem to hate being too busy. It keeps us from the things we want to be doing…but we don’t do anything to change it.

With our ever-connected world where we’re checking work emails around the clock, constantly scrolling on social media sites or swiping on dating apps, along with our packed-to-the-brim schedules, we’ve forgotten how to just be rather than always be doing. This article is slightly out of the norm for what I usually include in the Digital Digest, but in the buzz of our digital lives, we need to stop, take a breath and ask ourselves: When did we forget we are human beings, not human doings?




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