Tis’ the Season for…Lots of Work

November was a busy month, and blogging momentarily slipped to the back burner. More blogs are in the works, but today I’ll just give you a quick update of a couple other things I’ve been working on.

At my agency, we’re in the thick of production for our second round of content for Enough With The Puff, a cigarette smoking prevention/cessation public health campaign. The design updates to the website are done, and you can see those here – and we’ve got tons of new content that will be going up on the site in mid-January. This morning, I had the pleasure of going out near Conifer to the shoot for two of the new commercials for the campaign. It was chilly but a lot of fun. Can’t wait to see how these turn out!


Over the weekend, I headed to Ophelia’s to see Wildermiss, one of my favorite new Denver bands. I just happened to buy a new telephoto lens for my DSLR that afternoon, so I decided to try it out at their show. I will confess that I screwed up about 90 percent of the photos because there proved to be a pretty good learning curve on that lens, but these are the few that came out well. (Click for higher res)


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