Exciting New Facebook Ad Targeting Functionality


What you need to know about Page Engagement Custom Audiences

So, you can guess from the title that I’m about to nerd out a little bit. But this is a big deal! And these are helpful new capabilities if you’re trying to reach a target audience on Facebook.

The ability to target custom audiences based on uploaded lists, website traffic, etc. has been around for a while – but Facebook just rolled out additional features that allow you to target audiences based on page engagement.


This option allows you to target people who have previously interacted with your page or posts based on the kind of media they engaged with – which is a huge leap in potential audience segmentation.


This functionality offers advertisers the ability to follow up with retargeting ads super specific to what the user has already engaged with, which will not only likely lead to higher conversion rates but also will give advertisers the opportunity to create a cohesive experience in terms of creative execution and storytelling in the ads.


Clearly, being able to know how a user engaged with your page or content will help you craft messaging strategies that are much more likely to connect with them and drive action than broad retargeting efforts can accomplish.

The only drawback here is that because Facebook Business Manager is a bit of a beast to navigate, finding exactly where and how to create these audience takes some clicking around. Feel free to shoot me a message if you need some help!

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