Some clients I’ve done work for

S&T Telecom Content Marketing Campaign

S&T Telcom created a new business services product called Bluheeler, and they needed brand development and a content marketing campaign to reach and convert prospects. I developed brand positioning, messaging architecture, and content strategy that served as the foundation for the campaign.

 I created an email nurture series, social posts, blog posts, and a white paper titled “The Rise of the Virtual CIO” to build demand and attract leads. Using keyword and topic research, I optimized all the content for high performance, making sure assets covered exactly what the target audience wanted to know and was already searching for.

The campaign helped introduce new and existing customers to the business benefits and costs savings the platform offers to SMBs and generated leads for the client.

Read the whitepaper “The Rise of the Virtual CIO.”

Agency: If This Then Creative

Oracle Cloud Technology Account Based Marketing Campaign

My team developed an Account Based Marketing (ABM) campaign for Oracle Cloud Technology that spoke directly to each target company’s unique business needs regarding cloud computing. As Senior Storyteller and lead content strategist, I conducted extensive research including interviews with the sales teams, industry and account research. Based on that research, I created customized messaging and content strategy for each account that took the form of landing pages, assets, email nurture series and ads.

The goal was to clearly communicate to each target account that Oracle Cloud understood their specific business objectives and pain points—and could provide customized cloud solutions to address them. Below are samples from our targeted campaign for Citi.

Agency: 90octane

Ad example:

OCT Citibank 300x600

Landing page (click for full size):


Another element of this campaign was to target C-suite decision makers. To get in front of this audience, which is notoriously difficult to reach via digital channels alone, we created a personalized direct mail piece that presented a thought-provoking message and teased the solution that Oracle provides. These packages were delivered directly to business leaders and included a relevant thought leadership book that I researched and selected along with a customized note from their key account director at Oracle.


Ad Club CO Website Launch and Rebranding 

As part of an overall rebrand for Ad Club CO, I led a team in designing, building and launching the new website. The brand positioning for the club was more than just visual, and I developed all the site copy, incorporating the new brand messaging and tone, and devised the content architecture and user experience for the site.

Agency: If This Then Creative

(Click image for live site)


Growth Marketing Werks Brand Identity Package

Growth Marketing Werks needed a way to give current and potential clients a deeper understanding of who they are and what sets them apart as a B2B media agency. Working with a graphic design team, I developed a package of assets to use as leave behinds after a prospect meeting, as part of a physical mailer or for trade events.

I wanted the feature piece to clearly communicate their unique value proposition along with a fun, creative concept to illustrate it. To achieve those two goals, I developed the bold tagline “We don’t run ads. We grow your business.” And, we included a small packet of real seeds with the message “Grow with us” as a playful way to convey the benefits clients can reap from working with Growth Marketing Werks.

Another element in the overall package was metaphorical “seeds”— a series of flip cards that drive home what Growth Marketing Werks delivers to make client campaigns successful.

Agency: If This Then Creative

“No More 24” Advocacy Campaign for LiveWell Colorado

Despite Colorado being considered one of the healthiest states in the nation, Colorado kids rank 24th out of all 50 states in physical activity. The “No More 24” campaign seeks to raise awareness of that fact and drive advocacy efforts necessary to initiate policy change to help put Colorado kids first.

On the campaign, I created and implemented the digital media strategy and content strategy across website, social media and email. In addition, I managed the integration of big data systems (Salesforce, Pardot, VoterVoice) and set up and executed segmentation and automation of the email and user engagement tracking system.

Platforms utilized:
WordPress, Pardot, Salesforce, VoterVoice, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Agency: SE2

Campaign landing page with signup form and interactive elements including video, quiz, instant poll and more (click image to see more)


Email Drip Welcome Series (built and executed in Pardot)


Creation of a big data communications system to track supporters across an engagement spectrum, deliver customized communications based on interests and behavior and drive supporter advocacy through action alerts


White paper for Oracle Cloud Technology

I researched and wrote “Humans to Machines: The Shift in Security Strategy with Machine Learning” as part of a content strategy to provide thought leadership to Chief Security Officers (CSOs)/Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) at enterprise-level companies.

Agency: 90octane

(Click image for PDF)


Narrative Infographic for Oracle Cloud Technology

In our targeted ABM campaign to enterprise businesses in the telecom industry, we created this infographic to highlight the business challenge telecoms currently face in extracting value from the data they already have in their systems, explain the benefits of harnessing that value and offer a solution on how to do so.

Agency: 90octane

(Click image for full infographic)

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 1.20.05 PM

CDPHE Young Adult Smoking Prevention/Cessation Campaign

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment faced the challenge of how to engage millennials who casually smoke cigarettes about the dangers of potential addiction.

We created a strategy to target these young adult “social smokers” – individuals who smoke cigarettes but don’t consider themselves to be smokers. Successfully messaging this group was important for two reasons. One, CDPHE’s previous anti-tobacco campaign efforts had not reached them. Two, research shows that individuals still smoking socially by the age of 30 are significantly more likely to become full-time smokers.

The team and I developed the campaign “Enough With The Puff” that focused on this group’s values, attitudes and lifestyles and incorporated a “smoking light” message. From that road map, I created a content strategy for all digital media channels and led the team in the development of content along with the creation and launch of the campaign on social media and web. Here are some samples from that campaign.

Platforms utilized:
Expression Engine (CMS), Sprout Social, GatherContent, MyBalsamiq (UX design tool), Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Final Cut Pro X, Photoshop

Agency: SE2

Website featuring interactive quizzes, Buzzfeed-like articles, short-form humorous videos and more


Persona-based display ad campaign with cohesive narrative from ad to clickthrough content.


Clickthrough content:

Interactive quizzes


Site content example


Short-form videos

Social media campaign employing custom content and popular gifs/videos


Case Study for Oracle Cloud Technology

As part of a lead generation campaign for Oracle Cloud Technology, I wrote a series of case studies to illustrate the concrete business applications and outcomes companies can achieve with a move to Oracle Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Agency: 90octane

(Click image for full case study)