I’ve seen a couple of buzz-creation attempts lately, both of which seem quite effective, though one somewhat disappointing. The first was the super short teaser entitled “Coming Soon.” When it was first up, it had no further description like it does now. That got me really excited. Of course, what I thought is what most […]

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Dating FAIL

So I feel guilty that I’ve not blogged since the first of this month. I guess I’ve not run across anything groundbreaking that I wanted to write about (either that or I’ve found a co-worker to tell about it and got it out of my system before I had the chance to write a blog […]

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Social Media


The way things go viral on the internet boggles my mind. Whether the twin babies’ conversation or the Bronx Zoo’s Cobra…I know why they go viral but at the same time really have no idea why they do. Or how they travel through certain media streams and among certain demographics so incredibly quickly. Or what […]

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