If you’re on the internet much, you’ve probably seen this advertisement for Carhartt.

It’s as if you’re looking at the product through a fogged up window, and you can move the little hand to wipe away the condensation.

I never fall for these kinds of ads, but, clearly, I couldn’t resist this one – probably because I’d never seen anything quite like it. When I clicked on the hand to wipe the window clean, all it lacked was the squeaky eee-er eee-er that usually accompanies such an activity. And, of course, when I released the mouse button, a new tab opened in my browser to Carhartt’s web storefront.

I find this advertisement interesting for two reasons:

1) I only know what a Carhartt jacket is because I grew up in West Texas where a Carhartt is one of three essential items for hard workin’ folks—from ranchers to roughnecks—to have for functionality and image (the other two being cowboy boots and a pickup truck). This indicates that Carhartt is trying to change its demographic of customers, which leads to the next point that 2) the kind of people I know who have Carhartts would not be sucked in by this ad. Quite frankly, they probably wouldn’t even be on the internet.

Kudos to Team Detroit for paving the way for Carhartt to break into the outdoors-for-fun crowd who has been wearing mainly North Face, Patagonia, and Columbia for years now.


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